Ideas with

Analogue to digital innovation for the world’s thinkers and doers. With Bamboo it's fun to capture and share ideas wherever you are.


Bamboo pens and smart notebooks enable the seamless transfer of analogue writing with ink on paper into digital files that can be instantly saved to the cloud and shared with the world. We asserted Bamboo is for ‘making ideas’ and our brand expresses the fun to be had in the early stages of concept generation.


Our graphic alphabet conveys the spirit of Bamboo with a mix of letters, colours, textures and drawings made with a Bamboo stylus and proprietary software. This visual language creates an ownable style that works well across all media – print, digital and 3d form.


We designed global packaging for all new Bamboo Spark and Stylus products with point of sale displays. We designed the typographic system including naming architecture and product feature icons. We chose illustrator Paul Davis to produce a series of drawings bringing ‘Making Ideas’ to life.

Brand architecture
Product feature icons


We helped launch the brand at the world’s largest consumer electronics shows, IFA in Berlin and CES in Las Vegas. We continue to work with Bamboo to help develop the customer experience across online and offline opportunities including product development and promotional campaigns.

What we did

  • Brand Thinking
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Bespoke Alphabet
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Curation and Art Direction
  • Global Packaging
  • Brand Launch