Historic Royal Palaces: an independent charity looking after some of the greatest palaces ever built.

1000 Year

HRP runs the Tower of London, the Banqueting House, Hampton Court, Kensington and Kew Palaces. It receives no government money and depends on attracting visitors and appealing to donors. Both are tough challenges so success meant giving the whole idea of palaces a new relevance.

Stones to

We worked with Historic Royal Palaces to redefine its ‘cause’: going beyond protecting the stones to telling the story embodied in those stones. The narrative includes many defining moments in the history of Britain so it touches everyone’s lives.

We involved key people across the organisation in a ‘lab’ process to co-create pilot ideas for how the cause would be made real across the charity’s activities from the visitor experience to internal working processes.

Unity not

We created an identity system to express the cause and help HRP tell its stories compellingly. Our design system enables the charity to have more prominence, the palaces to work together as a set whilst each celebrating their individual and characteristic differences.

From Lab
to Real Life

We worked with HRP to implement some pilot ideas developed in the lab process of which the membership programme was one. We designed promotional materials to launch the scheme. We conceived and creatively directed the first publication to tell stories of all the palaces together given to new members.

What we did

  • Brand Thinking
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Print Design