You Can

One of the world’s largest producers of bubble gum and sweets wanted a new identity. While at Pentagram we created Joyco.

The World
Likes Sweets

General de Confiteria needed a new brand to unify the business across all regional territories and emerging markets. We renamed the company Joyco to convey the spirited personality of the business which we described as ‘fun you can taste’.

Our Joyful 

We created a distinctive logo for Joyco that communicated the name of the company as a fun symbol. It was designed to be instantly recognisable, appealing to both grown-ups working for the business and children who adored the products.

The Joyco

We told the Joyco business story in the style of a children’s book and took it around the world. We invited the renowned Spanish artist Javier Mariscal to work with us to bring the story to life through his wonderful illustrations. Together we created a book and film about Joyco's journey to success. Our work received a D&AD silver nomination.

What we did

  • Brand Thinking
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Printed Launch Materials