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In 2012 we transformed Russian State Technologies into ‘Rostec’ an organisation with holdings in 600+ companies.


We articulated Rostec's vision as ‘Partner in the future’, a clear statement of intent to work with the world’s most significant companies through existing and new relationships and also a compelling proposition for their 1m employees.


The brand was designed to communicate a ‘New Russia’ as openly and directly as possible in both Russian and English. As ‘Rostec' the corporation is more contemporary and international than ever before. Our identity builds on the Russian cultural heritage of a bold graphic visual style.


Our ‘open square’ symbol takes Rostec’s strength in technology, innovation and people out to the world and simultaneously brings the world’s technology, innovation and people together in Russia. The open square is both a window on the world and a point of focus where great ideas and innovation is highlighted.

Strength in

We developed the brand across a range of key external and internal applications from advertising and international trade events to employee communications. Given the scale of operations the brand has to work seamlessly across all media, materials, applications and locations and this was carefully considered throughout.

What we did

  • Brand Thinking
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Logotypes and Brand Assets
  • Group Brand Architecture