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We are helping Wacom offer high-tech 'Human Digital' solutions for large scale enterprises


Under the stewardship of new global CEO Nobu Ide, we have created a new brand for Wacom for Business. It focuses on technology leadership in digital pen and ink solutions, targeted specifically for large scale enterprises all over the world.


As companies invest in digital technology for business transformation, customer experiences are becoming less personal and less differentiated. Wacom is working to address this by developing more human and more digital in-person experiences. With Wacom you can write by hand with all the power of advanced processing. Sign a deal on paper and simultaneously save it to the cloud; Give medical consent with an electronic signature; Make live annotations while giving a lecture. Wacom technology fits seamlessly into business without getting in the way.


To emphasise the value of Wacom’s ‘Human Digital’ pen and ink solutions, we decided handwriting had to be a key part of the visual expression. Through our distinctive dual typographic approach to key messaging and image annotation, we dramatise that Wacom handwriting is unique and technologically advanced within any business context.

Human Digital

We created the ‘Human Digital’ idea to capture Wacom’s unique proposition and we created a distinctive visual expression to communicate this across all Wacom for Business activities. Our strategic creative approach extended to the detailed execution of the new desktop and mobile websites. We defined the structure, UX and UI to help customers, partners and developers navigate the extensive B2B offer.

Human Digital

We developed and designed an extensive literature system and imagery framework for the entire suite of Wacom for Business publications. These include marketing materials, thought leadership pieces, case studies and technical specification documents. We provided Wacom's in-house team and partner agencies with the detailed guidance they needed to roll it out.

Global markets
Local languages

Our brand is created for English and non-English speaking audiences. For consistency we commissioned a Cyrillic version of our Latin handwritten Signature font from A2 Type for use in east European countries. Working with Monotype we carefully selected and licensed complementary sans serif and handwritten character fonts for Asian markets.


Once the core elements of the brand were in place, we worked with Wacom to develop a tailored approach for digital marketing and ABM campaigns. We created the messaging and design system for digital ads, social media posts, email communications and newsletter publications to ensure every customer interaction works hard to build brand recognition and tell the ‘Human Digital’ story.

and Creativity

Wacom for Business builds on 40 years expertise providing technology solutions for the world's most creative people. The brand had to be highly distinct to tell a completely different story while complementing the other Wacom commercial divisions. A more pragmatic squared graphic language contrasts our circular window of enlightenment for Creative customers. For more information on our Creative brand please look at the Wacom Dare to Create case study.

What we did

  • Brand Thinking
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Assets and Logotypes
  • Brand Management
  • Website Design
  • Literature Design
  • Advertising Design